Curated Collections

In addition to the “Simply the Best” Collection I will also be curating furniture, furnishings, artwork, accessories and lighting that are some of my favorites in a variety of price points.  This collection will be curated from vendors that are generally open to trade members only.  It is all a work in progress and will be ever evolving so keep checking back!  Fun things to come! Happy Shopping!

When life throws you lemons, you have two options. Make lemonade or just wallow in the sourness. I’m in the lemonade phase of life. HA! Life and work have been crazy busy these last two years. My focus and goals have shifted completely and I am focused more on having fun, working hard and building an amazing life for my daughter and our Springers. Setting new goals has encouraged me to think outside of the box. My days are filled with carpool, dance activities, and full service design for clients and there just honestly are not enough hours in the day. As designers, we are commonly asked questions about design, sourcing. While we wish we could answer every single one of these, we often cannot. Our designs take months to design, source, execute all the moving parts. Full service Design is not always an option for many. iOver the next few weeks and months, I will be releasing curated collections. The first is the SIMPLY THE BEST Collection based on one of my favorite TV families, The Rose Family of Schitts Creek. Each character is full of their own quirks and style it was a super fun to take on each member of the family as a “client” and develop a room scheme that you can shop directly on . If anyone has any requests for additional characters for me to tackle, drop me a note and I will rise to the challenge.


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