Back to School? Virtual Learning Space Before & After

It’s now almost mid-October and we are starting to feel that taste of Fall in the air. Admittedly Fall is my favorite season. The crisp cool air means sweaters, leaves, all things pumpkin and my birthday. So since we are a solid month into virtual learning, I thought I would share my pickiest client EVER’s virtual school room (AKA as our former Guest Room). The space is rather small, so our design plan was pretty straight forward, we needed zones within the space: Desk Zone, Reading Nook, STORAGE were the main zones. I also know this is not our forever home, so that played a roll in how much money I was willing to spend and where to spend it. I give you a fuzzy before and after snap shot of the desk space.

We have a third grader. She is pretty confident in all things computer/apps/digital learning. I have confidence in her safely navigating the virtual world, yet I am also always checking in. I spent far too many years spent working for the Federal Government and having to do Safety and Virtual Training, enough to make mother’s never sleep/allow their kids to use any digital platforms. I also know, third grade is serious learning time. I knew that in order for her to gain some confidence in her ability to learn, she needed a little distance from being beside my desk at all times. So this space had to be fun and her, so that she wanted to spend her day’s inside. I secretly also wanted a fun back ground for her classmates/teacher to see when they had camera’s on. Enter removable wallcovering.

I have installed removable wallcovering in my home before. It was relatively easy to do, just took some time, some attention to detail and then eventual realization of defeat that there is NO WAY you will perfectly line up a GIANT STICKER and it’s pattern across your wall. Now knowing how challenging it was on a straight ceiling project (my desk in the basement), I knew that this room would be more challenging. The ceiling has a vault. So while my in laws were visiting and keeping everyone occupied, I locked myself in the room and tackled this. I am not going to lie, it was significantly more challenging to 1. keep the paper level with the height of the space 2. keep the pattern lined up across the run of the wall 3. manage the paper and the ladder 4. not get full vertigo from staring at a pattern so closely for so long. With all of this said, if you are an advanced level DYI’er prep, plan and then execute (also realizing that you will accept less than perfect on your pattern matching). Keep in mind most wallcovering installers will not touch removable paper, it is a different animal. Typical wallpaper uses paste/glue that allows movement on the wall to set it in place for pattern matching, removable wallpaper does not. It is essentially a giant sticker, that has to be smoothed as you go or you get large bubbles which are not your friend. At the end of the day, it was worth the curse words, the dizziness and almost falling off large ladder for the look I wanted.

First panel was a BEAST, who am I kidding, they all were…

The biggest challenge of the project was honestly sourcing furnishings. Right now due to the factory’s closing for COVID all over the world, supply of goods is down. The demand however, has risen for items like desking, storage, and appliances. I placed an order with IKEA March/April timeframe for the desk (out of stock), chair, storage shelf but it wasn’t delivered until August. Normally case goods are pretty well stocked, especially through typical retail sources. I was lucky in that we were able to keep the large storage armoire that houses extra season’s clothing.

So without further adieu I give you our finished virtual learning space. There are so many little details in there. I tried my best to keep things ergonomic, but they don’t have a lot of ergonomic chairs that fit third graders, so I just let the design drive that one.

Anyone interested in learning more about one of my life-lines to sanity and emotional well being. Feel free to visit my Young Living page. I have never been great at sales, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt, I have been oily for the better part of the last 6 years. I use Young Living products daily, from my hand soap, laundry soap, beauty products to the daily diffusing of various oils and oil blends. My favorites daily are diffusing Thieves Oil Blend and Tangerine Oil. It makes it my favorite season year round! If I need a mood lift, Joy is my go to, either neat and rolled over my heart, or in the diffuser to brighten the whole families mood. But in my big girl’s third grade space, my favorite to keep her sharp and focused, we diffuse KidScents GeneYus for important tasks. Interested in trying certain things, chances are I have it. Feel free to reach out if you have questions, there isn’t much I haven’t tried over the years. If I haven’t, I have a friend who has. So that is my little sales pitch. Only thing I will ask, please do not buy your oils off Amazon. Only buy from a reputable oil vendor. There are a couple out there. Lord knows we have all ordered things off amazon for convenience, I receive deliveries probably twice a week (my husband would like to think it’s daily). I am also really trying hard to really put my money locally with the businesses and people who need us more than ever to keep their retail doors open. There are so many amazing shops and shop keepers in Old Town Alexandria. My holiday edition will include my favorite spots to shop all the things!

Enjoy this change of season and up next are my favorite ways to celebrate Halloween, with some tips on how to still have a wonderful kid-friendly, parent friendly celebration in COVID times!


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