WALLCOVERING – This isn’t your Grandmother’s Paper…

My first internship in college was with a Boutique Architectural and Interior Design Firm in Raleigh, NC, specifically the Finish Material Library. My job was to keep the finishes organized, but let’s face it, the team did a pretty good job of keeping things neat and tidy; so I would spend my days learning and searching all of the goodies, the fun parts of design. Hundreds of Carpet Books, Tile Books, Paint Swatches, Laminate Chips, Solid Surface Samples, Fabric Swatches and this is where my love for wallcovering began.

My first love…. Koroseal Excess Vinyl Wallcovering

This gal above is luxe and grand (at least it was back in early/mid 2000’s.) It looked like stitched leather and it was durable and glorious. The thing about commercial grade wallcovering is that it is very practical. It is wall protection for high traffic areas without sacrificing the overall design aesthetic. Now residential paper isn’t known for it’s durability but there really isn’t a reason why you couldn’t use a commercial product in a residential setting to get that durability. But if you are looking for some glamour, some artwork for the walls, look no further than the heavy hitters Schumacher, Kravet and a personal favorite Katie Kime. There are honestly so many options out there to make your statement, whatever that may be.

Post commercial design work, I have been falling hard for the bright boldness of some very classic designs. So this post is mostly going to be a visual love-fest of all of the fun patterns and colors I’ve been crushing on lately! Any of these would be perfect for a jewel of a powder room, an accent wall in a bedroom or to give you a little extra inspiration in a home office! I have a couple of amazing wallcovering hanging guru’s in my master tradesmen tool box so if you see something you love and need some assistance, I am at your service! Trust me, not all wallcovering installs are the same! Let an experienced team help you bring your vision to life!


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