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So, it’s been a long two years since I last wrote a post…. Life has a way of getting away from you.  Needless to say I have gone through a large amount of change during the last couple of years, mostly though the last year.  I won’t go into all the nitty gritty, but I have been on a journey to get back to myself and my passions.  Being a working mother and wife are tricky and hard roles to navigate.  I was in the same position for the better part of the last nine years.  I am grateful for the opportunities, most of the people and the stability it provided for my family.  I have always struggled with the mommy guilt and the anxiety of basically not being there to raise my daughter (who is now almost six, and knows EVERYTHING, so she really doesn’t need me anymore).  I also had some tough personal and family issues to face and while those are not behind us, I feel like they are in a good place.

Fall 2017 we had to say goodbye to my little white fluffy, Maxy Dog.  He had been declining quickly in his health, had three strokes and he had Cushings Disease.  I wanted the end of his little life to be as painless as it could be and I still miss his little personality. I hope you are chasing all the squirrels and chipmunks and have endless apples and peanut butter.  He was my loyal companion for 13 years.


Needless to say I knew I needed a change, and a major one.  The more time I had to spend with my daughter, the more I realized I missed her early childhood and I was drawn to my role as a mother.  I also had the need to create and use that side of myself.  So I started a little side gig making t-shirts and various things for friends and that sort of grew into an Etsy shop, which then grew into “oh, I can make that” for my daughter’s Competitive Dance Instructor’s looking for costumes.  Thus I give you my very first attempts at competitive dance costumes.  They are far from perfect, but it was a fun learning experience and I am grateful for the faith placed in me. Jury’s still out if I will do this again in the future…

Teenies Tap Costumes for 10 Little Mermaids

WBG_7036And the worlds cutest Shoop Shoop Girls Tap Trio…

Needless to say this fall, I took myself out of my comfort zone. And it wasn’t all bad! It has been amazing seeing these on stage all year long.  I also learned what I need to do in the future if I ever decide that I am this crazy again! Ha!

Quiet possibly the biggest change in my life was my decision to leave my nine year steady job for a job that allows me the flexibility to be a parent first, be creative and one where I am appreciated and valued for my talents.  I switched sides from commercial Interior Design (specifically Federal Government) to Residential Interior Design and honestly haven’t looked back once.  It has been something I was always interested in but strayed away from due to fear.  I joined an amazing local design firm, Shotgun Double, LLC in February of this year.  I have already learned so much and really gained the confidence that yes even though sourcing is different, it’s not that much different in the grand scheme . I can do this just as well as I did my previous work. It’s hard work, costumer service based, but it is fun.  It feels great to be a part of a team again (small) where we all work well and play on each other’s strengthens.  I have to give a massive shot out to our fearless leader, Lindsay Boudreaux for giving me this awesome opportunity and I’m excited to see where the future takes us!  Check us out!

shotgun-logo-RGB - Copy - Copy (400x156)_preview

Just in case I am not quite doing enough…. I have humored my darling daughter in her hobby of Star Wars Costuming (yes, I have made an almost screen accurate version of Resistance Rey for my mini Rey) Nothing like putting that Studio Art minor to good use! What can I say, we go all in…

Mini Resistance Rey

Last but not least, we added a new member to the family in April, we welcomed Lucy, a spunky English Springer Spaniel puppy who came to us from Georgia.  She has already grown so much and I am delighted by the bond that she and A have started, it was a bit rocky at first, but since those baby teeth have fallen out, they are all a bit more willing to play. I have to say, she makes a super great puppy model for me…. She also has her own instagram account, just in case you want more daily cute Lucy photos and antics. @lucyP_the_springer on insta!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Throughout all the changes, they have been up down, around the corner and up and down again, I am grateful for all that I have in my life;  My family, my friends, my therapist, and the opportunities that presented themselves. I can honestly say I am proud of myself for breaking my comfort routine to challenge myself to try several new things.  I have learned a lot on this journey and I know it is far from over.  Take a chance on yourself friends, it’s worth it! Thanks for following and I am hoping to get back into the swing of writing on a more regular basis.  Going to challenge myself to finally finish some projects around the house… Which I am sure a lot of my design friends will enjoy… Designing for yourself is very hard, especially with a very particular and opinionated husband.

Until then friends!



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