Shrimp & Grits Kids – Spring 2016


Ok, so I realize that it has been quite a while since I’ve updated the BLOG.  2015 was not my best year.  To say it was a beast is a mild understatement.  I won’t go into details, but my dear mother has had a year of ups and downs with her health.  I am very grateful that she is still with us and I pray that we will all figure out and reach a new normal.

So I promise, that I will be getting back to posting some exciting projects I’ve done for Emily Pasquariello Interior Designs. Some of which include updating a little girls Big Girl Room, helping dear friends with their Kitchen Renovation, updating our Master Bedroom, and finally finishing our Kitchen Renovation.  For now, I will give you guys a burst of color on these dreary days of February!

If there are any momma’s out there in the Northern VA, Maryland or DC areas interesting in hosting or attending a Trunk Show for Shrimp and Grits Kids, please let me know.  I will have a trunk full of Spring 2016 goodies, March 10-31st!  I already have shows booked for Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria and Annapolis!

11285_468066433381424_5038322338823120522_n 1502494_468066776714723_2903045268618280891_n 1916966_468066696714731_180258691103856634_n 1916966_468067036714697_6054672414090308266_n 1933833_468071313380936_2081386902606095439_n 12400609_468071266714274_8490815190148262930_n 12400795_468066956714705_4935770326201021445_n 12512314_468052466716154_2532725549867610581_n 12507634_468071370047597_7918641304115305684_n 12439046_468066620048072_1366973942001787016_n 12494943_468067310048003_6326545535194508368_n 12507088_468071306714270_5917204396727072116_n 12510436_468066833381384_6915924038313306383_n 12512310_468067356714665_4838430208458394428_n 12508799_468052490049485_6204942585719195561_n 12507482_468067403381327_4336655015129855338_n 12439007_468052760049458_5074912419344127433_n



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