Four Years in and here’s what I’ve learned….

So yesterday, my dear husband and I celebrated our Fourth Wedding Anniversary.  We’ve been together for seven years, married four and have a two year old.  We have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.  It has been a challenge but is very rewarding.  Like anything in life, marriage is not easy.  It is like a plant (no pun intended) that needs nurturing and work to make it grow.  I am not claiming to be an expert on marriage, as I really don’t think that exists.  Every marriage is different and unique and it is up to the two people who are in it, to determine what their definition of success is.

Here are a couple of key components that make my marriage a success.  Respect, love and laughter.  Let’s face it, life with a toddler is rough on marriages.  You have to balance your couple time with your family time.  This is something we are still working out. On a recent day home without our two year old, we were reminded that not only do we need alone time to charge our batteries, we also need alone time as a couple to charge our marriage batteries.  So just a couple of photos from the last seven years to say Thank You!  You support me in all sorts of ways, and I am forever grateful for that!   I am a very lucky lady and we live a beautiful life, sometimes you just need a little refresher!  I love you Nick!


So this takes us back to the beginning, our second date to be exact… Nick took me to Shelton Vineyards in NC for a day trip to the vineyard.  It was a magical day!


The first rescue event that I did with Nick.  Nick volunteered for Southern Siberian Rescue while we lived in Raleigh.  It is an amazing group and where he got his fur-baby Chloe!  Since moving to DC area he now volunteers with Pet Harbor, another great rescue that helps dogs and cats find their forever homes!  If you are considering getting a pet, I highly recommend any rescue.  They know their dogs, as they have been in foster homes and can help you find a perfect match to your families needs.


So as a southern gal, it’s a big deal when you bring a guy home for the holidays.  This was our first Christmas together and I brought him home to Charleston to meet my Mom and crazy GA family!  I loved sharing my home town with Nick.


Our first anniversary of dating, ahhh we were so young!


Our wedding day, November 13, 2010, photo by Emily Alane Photography


Our first anniversary, Florence, Italy…


A couple of months before our second anniversary, September 3, 2012 (Labor Day, yes, I labored on Labor Day) Little Ms A arrived.


Our first holiday as a family of three, 2012 photo by Emily Alane Photography



June 2013, our first BIG purchase together….


Holidays, 2013, photo by Emily Alane Photography


Rare date night together this summer…


Holiday’s 2014… photo by Emily Alane



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