One Room Challenge – Week Four

Hi Y’all!

I love that she is holding Elmo's hand... Our weekend adventures to the NC State Fair!
I love that she is holding Elmo’s hand… Our weekend adventures to the NC State Fair!

Ok, so Linda wasn’t kidding when she said Week Four was hard in the One Room Challenge. For those of you who are just joining me, you are welcome to take a step back and see the progress I’ve made through this journey.

Week One: The Plan

Week Two: The execution

Week Three: The procrastination

Week Four: The freak out…

Last week I was a bit hard on myself, but when I looked at my master to do list, I wasn’t in that bad of shape. So this week, I am going to start off with a look at the master to do list. Here is where we are sitting at week 4.

  • Remove horrible and ugly dated banister and patch the (hopeful) hardwoods beneath. Please lord, let the hardwoods be in good shape and please let me not have to keep it for building code reasons. This right here was the “You’re going to do what? Comment.
  •  Center seating area on the fireplace. This has bothered me from day one. With the banister in place, it really limits you on where you can place furniture. Until now the couch has been on the banister wall and we have a bowling alley down the middle. 
  •   Create a secondary focal wall, so that no matter where you sit in the room, you have a pretty view. Have I mentioned that I have and OCD tendency for perfect symmetry?  Well this is three quarters done. I still have to paint and mount my large platter holder, but I did get all of the artwork up as well as the other plates, and I am really digging the results.
Just a sneak peek!!
Just a sneak peek!!
I am digging it!!!
I am digging it!!!


  • Purchase; Frame new artwork prints from the amazing Charleston artist Lulie Wallace. Seriously you need to check out her florals and her new tabletop series. She also has textiles and lunchboxes!
  •  Purchase lighting. I really don’t understand why builders don’t put overhead lighting in homes. Let’s face it, cost. So, I am going to attempt to source some super cool lighting that I can use on top of an existing buffet. Then the piece de resistance… ceiling swag for the seating area. I am going to have to get really creative since hubbie is keeping me on a very tight budget for this. I was super excited and surprised to see my package from Shades of Light. It wasn’t supposed to ship until October 28th and it arrived about four days after I ordered it! That is awesome! I’m still working on getting it converted to a plug in play and where to place it. So I will leave this guy off until the big reveal.
My big surprise, will it make it into the room or not?! Stay tuned to find out!
My big surprise, will it make it into the room or not?! Stay tuned to find out!


  • Purchase a coffee table. Quite frankly it’s embarrassing that I haven’t had one. Or what is worse that we have been using my daughters play table as our coffee table. It’s fair to say, that while the finish may not be exactly what I was hoping for. It really isn’t bothering me enough to make more work for myself. I guess I can always go back and stain the top, but for now, it will remain as is. 
  •  Keep an area for my daughter to have her play table and chairs. This will also involve the use of creative storage solutions (i.e. baskets galore) to hide those fabulous brain stimulating, make your kid smart, bright and obnoxious toys! Well we successfully chopped off the handles so that the baskets I purchased upon move in could fit on the shelf of the coffee table. The hubs was super excited that he got to use the Dremmel tool!



Baskets, check..... Already completely full with TOYS!!!
Baskets, check….. Already completely full with TOYS!!!
Baskets are a Mom's best friend!!!
Baskets are a Mom’s best friend!!!



  • Make throw pillows. I collect fabric and I’ve found some major winners on While I do know how to sew, it is not something I enjoy. Mostly because to do it right, it requires taking up lots of space and making a MESS! I may attempt to get my mom to help me on this one, since she is coming for a visit in two weeks.
  •  Drink some wine. I figure this will more than likely be a vital part of this challenge. Did I mention I have a two year old and a full time job. Man I am really failing in this item. I did have a few glasses at a wonderful dinner that my Mother In Law had at her home this weekend; while we caught up with dear friends!
  •  Source and or make new MAUVE drapery panels. Still having a hard time typing that MAUVE… So, I may be retreating on the mauve… I just cannot find any fabric that I am digging. I found a few that I like, but not LOVE! Again this is always something that I can change out as time goes on, but for now, I think I am going to stick with what I already have.
Little classic silk buffalo check...
Little classic silk buffalo check…


Cheery magenta embroidery number...
Cheery magenta embroidery number…
  • Accessorize, style and find a photographer to capture some really amazing shots of the completed project.  Still searching for that photographer in the Northern VA area that may want to help build their portfolio and help me photograph the final product.  I did have fun finding a few items for the space.  Remember that fabulous Ibis lamp that didn’t make it into the room b/c of my budget?  Yep, I do too.  Well I ran across a cousin that is equally as fabulous at a favorite FURBISH STUDIO in Raleigh.  It may only be a candleholder, but the TALLON has made it in!
Yep, everyone meet Tallon!  He rocks!!!!
Yep, everyone meet Tallon! He rocks!!!!


So, all in all, I’m in pretty good shape. Next week I will be running around trying to close the door on all the little things and planning a trip to the flower market. I will more than likely shoot my own space, so I need to get a couple test shoots in to play with the light.
Here are few photos from a recent shopping trip to Home Goods, some of the items may make an appearance in the final reveal, and some may not… You’ll just have to wait and see.

Blue and White beauty?
Blue and White beauty?
Cowhide anyone?
Cowhide anyone?


Jury's out, tacky or sassy?
Jury’s out, tacky or sassy?
Little golden geometric jewel.
Little golden geometric jewel.


Thanks again for popping by, and be sure to check out the amazing One Room Challenge participants on Calling it Home here. Also take a look at the linking participant’s journey to crazy town! All of your kind words of support are really amazing, so thank you all very much!

Xo, Emily


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13 thoughts on “One Room Challenge – Week Four

  1. The Talon is awesome! This week is so hard, I’m hoping to accomplish a lot in the next week and half. Good luck on your room, I think it’s coming together nicely! And mauve, I think it needs a new name so we can not think back to the bad 80’s mauve color. I did really like those curtains but you gotta go with what you love not like!


  2. There are so many good things in this post. Love the pink check fabric, the ostrich leg candle holder, cowhide, brass lamp…all of it!!! You’ve made so much fabulous progress and I’m SO with you on the wine to-do…an absolute necessity with this whole ORC thing:)


  3. I love the pink buffalo check fabric – I also love the embroidered – so I think you can’t go wrong either way!
    House of Highlands


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