Curb Appeal…

Adding a little curb appeal to the house for under $250…


We purchased our home just about a year ago and have already put our fair share of sweat equity in the inside and outside of the house. I have wanted to make simple changes to the exterior of our house since day one and finally got around to it. The lighting has always bothered me, it’s scale was too small and the letter was so plain and boring. So working within our HOA architectural rules and regulations, I sought out for larger lighting and cleaner numbers. I was pleasantly surprised at the affordable options that were readily available to me at my local box hardware stores.

First up was to remove the dated “builder grade” fixtures for both the lamp post, wall sconce and rusted metal numbers.  Getting the old letters off was a breeze (thanks to my husband and father in law) but putting the floating letters up posed a little bit of a challenge. Our moulding is not flat but rather has a lot of detail and variety of planes.  We opted for a more contemporary black metal number, seen below.  I honestly cannot remember if this was a Lowe’s or Home Depot purchase as we bought them the week we closed.


Regardless, the numbers were the first thing we tackled.  And the new numbers look awesome!  So much better than the ugly little tiny letters!


We waited a bit to do the lighting, mainly because I could not make up my mind.  This is a horrible trait most designer’s have when they are working on their own projects, the ability to commit.  The problem is that we are constantly being shown the latest and greatest products out there and while we think we may have found something wonderful, who is to say that the perfect fixture, fabric, color is something that I won’t come across in the future.  Don’t get me wrong, when we design for others, it is much easier for this to all come together.  Just  the way it is I guess, and I am thankful that I have an understanding husband.  So after a long and exhausted search, I wound up choosing a matching set of fixture’s from Lowe’s, allen + roth Parsons Field Light.  I originally went with the 17″ fixture, but it was again too small, so we opted for the 22″ version and it is just right. We got the matching lamp post fixture.  All in all they were somewhat easy for my husband to install.  Only took two attempts and minimal cursing.  But the end result was well worth the effort!

DSC_0408 yucky old post lamp…. 😦


 yummy new post and wall sconce!

Here is a look at the before (already with the new numbers) and after.

Outside BEFORE

  Outside AFTER

All in all the cost for this little upgrade was under $250, and in my humble opinion does wonders for our home’s curb appeal.



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