Emily Pasquariello Interior Designs

Well I’m finally entering the big bad world of blogging….

I apologize in advance, as I know my grammar will not always be perfect. If I can make you laugh or give you some design assistance then my job is complete. My journey begins with opening up my design studio for you all.  Please keep in mind my office mate is my 18 month old daughter, who sometimes is rather demanding but thankfully is darn cute! I am a mom, a wife and a daughter, and a Certified Interior Designer.  I hope that I can share my thoughts on how you can help make your house a home, your office your creative space or your getaway.  On days like today, I will take a healthy dose of a getaway.  Moms, you can appreciate my next little rant.  I am currently home with a sick child (highly contagious “daycare” disease) and in the middle of my conference call for my “day”(Commercial Interior Designer) job, my daughter takes a face plant on my chair’s 5 star base.  You can imagine what came next. BLOOD, lots of blood.  This was my first true “face plant” experience and I am pretty sure I did alright. After a thorough exam, a very bloody paper towel and a phone call to the pediatrician (whom we’ve already seen once today for the “day care disease”), we are all OK. Momma needs a glass of vino.

I promise not all of my posts will be this personal in nature.  Stop back by and I will do my best to post what inspires me, which is all things beautiful!


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